System of the AncientsEdit

A System of the Ancients is a system with an Ancients' Planet, a planet occupied by the Ancients.

The amount of enemy ships is static per level.

The amount of resources gained varies not only per level, but also, with the type of planet attacked. Resourceful planets gives 25% more (10 mines) than normal planets (Earth, Mars and Wealthy Mars, who have 8 mines). SuperEarths gives 37,5% of normal planets (3 mines only).

Some of the level 9 Systems contain a Stargate marked by a Symbol on the lower left of the system.


Before being able to attack a System of the Ancients you need to research Hyperfine Hyperspace Structure Scanner. That is, you must first defeat Anomaly of Level 7 or 8.

Bonus given per system levelEdit

Level Ships Resources Technology
9 3.200 17.600 per mine Stargate (If system has one)
10 6.400 35.200 per mine New Energetic Technologies
11 12.800 56.000 per mine
12 25.600 104.000 per mine Large Orbital Dock
13 51.200 200.000 per mine
14 102.400 320.000 per mine
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