Space anomaliesEdit

Space anomalies are temporary places on the galaxy map that contain enemies, which can be attacked for resources. After an attack they are randomly spawned elsewhere in the sector and have a chance to level up.

Attacking space anomalies always gains you resources and can sometimes, at higher levels, gain you ships. Also new technologies can be unlocked for research after succesfully attacking certain space anomalies for the first time.


Only ships having a Hyperengine can enter the anomaly.

Ships can choose to arrive at the anomaly and attack the Ancients (which is most likely what you will do) or send their Engineering Spaceships to collect resources (which is dangerous).

It is unclear whether attacking space anomalies (of some special types) actually requires you to research Subspatial Scanner of the Ancients .


The level of the Anomaly is described as the "Threat Level". The higher the Threat Level, the more ships of the Ancients at the Anomaly, and the more resources available to be looted.

Level Ships Resources Technology
0 1 < 1.000
1 3-4 < 2.000
2 10-12 < 6.000
3 20-24 < 10.000
4 44-55 < 22.000
5 100-120 < 28.000
6 250-300 < 50.000
7 700-800 < 75.000
8 1400-1600

< 150.000

Hyperfine Hyperspace Structure Scanner
9 2800-3200 < 350.000 Hyperfine Hyperspace Structure Scanner
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