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TODO: Roll in Tasks


It is unclear how the entire intro plot should be due to the early stage of the game. According to the scrap intro of the game, Humanity manages to went out and explore the space. As time moves on, they simply went so far out the neighboring alien species (The real name is not known but the humans call them 'The Unknown') went on a surprise attack to the human species. Humanity have no chance of fighting the creatures back due to the scattered military forces. Some of their lasting battleships and colonizing ships are able to escape the onslaught. Finding themselves in a new, inhabitant area which contains the all needed resources to build a new Earth.


Your mission is to simply build your colony and reaching out to the whole system. After this is done, you can choose to attack either an inhabitant or habited systems that belonged to another player. Reaching your influence and further widening your rule across the cluster. You may continue doing this until the point you simply want to stop


From time to time, finishing one task to another. You assistant (Located in the top right corner or simply the woman's picture) will give you new tasks. These tasks gives you simple rewards like a huge amount of resources. These task can also gives you an important reward like a "colony ship" which can be done to the infamous "SOS_Quest".