EMP game Wiki
Science Level 1

Muonic Chemistry
Engineering Ship
Unmanned Platform
Multilayer Polymer-Iridium Armor
Plasma Welding
Space Navigation. Level 1

Science Level 2

High Pressure Plasma
Antiproton Gun
Zero Gravity Technology
Proton Generator
Space Compression
Photon Engine
Automated Control Systems

Science Level 3

Colonial Spaceship
Superscale Energy Flux Transmission
Positron Gun
Space Navigation. Level 2
Pionic Accelerator
Module Constructions
Multidimensional Space
Dimensional Scanners

Science Level 4

Unmanned Platform, Mod. 2
New Metamaterials
Environment Regeneration
Orbital Resource Dock
Construction Plant
Hyperengine Upgrades
Neutrino Detector
Composite Constructions

Science Level 5

Interplanetary Logistics
Ionic Energy Accumulators
Acceleration Gate
Space Navigation. Level 3
Ionic Booster
Composite Ceramic Armor
Superstrong Magnetic Fields
Vacuum Technologies

Science Level 6

Giant Space Structures
Antimatter Engine
Gravity Generator
Planetary Shield Generator
Proton Shield
Space Warp
Space base

Science Level 7

Space Navigation. Level 4
Fine Hyperstructures
Research and Development Center
Trading Corporation
Laser Cooling System
Neutron Generator
Production Optimization
Beam Focusing System
Landing Spaceship

Science Level 8

Photon Engine
Heavy Cruiser
Multidimensional Spaces. Level 2
Quasi-wave Scanner
Ionic Generator
Ionic Shield
Advanced Titanic Fibers
Planetary Colony II
Superstrong Magnetic Fields level 2

Science Level 9

Space Navigation. Level 5
Vacuum Technologies. Level 2
Antineutron Gun
Antimeson Gun
Spacecraft Staff Training Center
Residential Community II

Science Level 10

Neutron Shield
Compact Ionic Shield
Heavy Lepton Gun
Heavy Anti-Neutron Gun
Boson Gun
Quark-Gluon Plasma
Genetic Engineering
Antigravity Engine

Technologies of the Ancients

Engine Enhancement System
Space Compression
Hyperfine Hyperspace Structure Scanner
New Energetic Technologies
Large Resource Dock
Star Gate
Subspatial Energy Generator

Planetary Colony II
Science Level 8
Cost 1200000 SP
Benefit This technology is required to upgrade to a Planetary Colony II.

The application of advanced technologies and architectural planning allow more people to live comfortably in the same area. Upon reaching level 20, the Planetary Colony can be upgraded to a Planetary Colony II.