The Minor Metallic is a kind of planet with an abundance of metals present. They are very close to their stars and provide medium amounts of metal to a player.


Building StatsEdit

Metal mines 6
Polymers synthesizers 2
Radium plants 2
  City buildings 6

Space stations 4

Colonial ships required for colonization 3

Maximum level of mines-8

Can be upgraded to 14 via research

Special TraitsEdit

The Minor metallic planet is present in all starter systems, being in the first orbit of the system. This type of planet also tends to be in the first couple orbits of any system they are in.

Ecology and FeaturesEdit

The planet appears to be hot and dry. There are numerous rock formations apparant and are mostly crags and canyons on its surface. These planets are very close to their stars, so their temperature is going to be very hot on one side and very cold on the other. These planets have high quantities of metal present, which makes them good for mining ores and metals out of.


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