Each planet type has a different number of building slots. These slots come in three varieties, resource harvesters, city buildings and space stations.

Some buildings, such as the Residential Community can be built several times on a single planet with cumulative effects. These buildings are recorded in the table below with a 'yes' in the MPP (Multiple-Per-Planet) column.

Some buildings have a system-wide effect. The Commercial Dock provides transport ships for moving and trading resources. Some of these buildings have a cumulative effect when more than one is built in the same system. For others, only the highest level building in the system has any effect. These two scenarios are recorded as 'cumulative' and 'highest level' respectively in the MPS (Multiple-Per-System) column below.

The Intergalactic Relations Center is a special case. Only one may be built anywhere.

Resource HarvestersEdit

There is one type of resource harvester for each resource. The number and location of these buildings are fixed by the planet's type.

City BuildingsEdit

Each city building required a single building slot. City buildings can be categorized by similar function. For example, the Lab and the Research and Development Center both produce research points.

Building Name Category MPP MPS Requirement
Planetary Colony Population No -- --
Storehouse Resource Storage Yes -- --
Cache Resource Storage Yes -- --
Lab Research Points Yes -- --
Military Academy Pilot Training Yes -- Planetary Colony 3
Hyperspace Scanner -- No highest level Planetary Colony 3
Planet Control Center Infrastructure No -- Planetary Colony 3
Intergalactic Relations Center -- No N/A Planetary Colony 6
Engineering Bureau Defense No -- Planetary Colony 10
Lab 10
Residential Community Population Yes -- Planetary Colony 12
Metal Storehouse Resource Storage Yes -- Metal Mine 8
Polymer Depot Resource Storage Yes -- Polymer Synthesizer 8
Radium Depository Resource Storage Yes -- Radium Plant 8
Construction Plant Infrastructure No -- Construction Plant (Technology)
Lab 5
Metal Plant Resource Production No -- Superstrong Magnetic Fields
Metal Mine 10
Chemical Plant Resource Production No -- Superstrong Magnetic Fields
Polymer Synthesizer 10
Radium Refinement Complex Resource Production No -- Superstrong Magnetic Fields
Radium Plant 10
Planetary Shield Generator Defense No -- Planetary Shield Generator (Technology)
Research and Development Center Research Points Yes -- Research and Development Center (Technology)
Trading Corporation -- No highest level Trading Corporation (Technology)
Commercial Dock 20
Planetary Colony II Population No -- Planetary Colony II (Technology)
Planetary Colony 20
Spacecraft Staff Training Center Pilot Training Yes -- Spacecraft Staff Training Center (Technology)
Residential Community II Population Yes -- Residential Community II (Technology)

Space StationsEdit

Space stations can be divided into two categories. Regular space stations require only a single building slot. Large space stations require all building slots on a particular planet.

Building Name Slots MPS Requirement
Shipyards one cumulative --
Undercover Base one cumulative --
Commercial Dock one cumulative --
Processing Plant one cumulative --
Energy Transmitter one highest level Superscale Energy Flux Transmission
Resource Dock one cumulative Orbital Resource Dock
Acceleration Gate one highest level Acceleration Gate (Technology)
Large Shipyards all cumulative Giant Space Structures
Military Academy 10
Lab 10
Engineering Bureau 10
Space Disrupter one highest level Space Disrupter (Technology)
Large Orbital Dock all cumulative Large Resource Dock
Colony 15
Star Gate all highest level Star Gate (Technology)
Colony 15
Lab 20
Subspatial Energy Generator all cumulative Subspatial Energy Generator (Technology)
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