Inter-Spatial Objects Edit

In addition to solar systems and the planets within, you can interact with several objects that aren't located in any system. Some disappear when you interact with them, and re-spawn regularly, while others are permanent like systems.

Spacial Anomalies Edit

Main Article: Space Anomaly
These are the locations where you fight the ancients at lower levels. The early parts of the storyline are told by attacking higher and higher level anomalies. Each anomaly is labeled with a level, how many resources it contains, and an estimate of how many Ancients Spaceships are guarding it. Attacking and destroying an anomaly will remove it from the map, and they re-spawn very frequently. (pictures)

Comets Edit

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Comets are where you send out your Engineering Spaceships into the dark and exploit the "natural" resources in the empty space. They resemble real-life comets in that they carry some minerals with them while moving across the galaxy.

Resource Stations Edit

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Resource Stations are the relics of the mysterious Ancients. They are stationary and, as the name suggests, you can capture it and get some benefits from it as production boosts of your System.

Note that people call these structures Ancients' Resource Stations because they start out owned by the Ancients.