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EMP Game is a free online space-themed MMO strategy game from EMP Studio.

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Featured Articles
  • Plot - The main plot and missions
  • User Interface - A primer on the EMP Game interface
  • Civilization - Civilization refers to the expansion territory and development of infrastructure within EMP Game. The user's civilization progresses in several ways simultaneously. The early game focuses on construction of buildings. Later it becomes possible to expand beyond the player's starting world and colonize other planets and eventually other planetary systems.
  • Warfare - Ships, anomalies, SotA, PVP
  • Technology - List of technology
  • Buildings - List of buildings
Useful Resources
  • Jargon - A list of acronyms, abbreviations and other unofficial terms.
  • Tips - Miscellaneous hints and tips for success in EMP Game
  • Strategies - Larger strategies for gameplay
  • Alliances - Advertise your alliance here

Unfortunately, it seems that the game itself has ended. As seen in the Armor Games version, the last moments of the Andromeda Galaxy was on 23rd April 2017, while the last moments of the Triangulum (3x) Galaxy was somewhere in 2016. With all the claims that things are not working properly, and the game is dying, it is very likely the Game itself has completed its course in the Internet. May the Game rest in peace as all of the commanders rally their fleets, assemble at one place, and push forward to the Unknown for the one last time.

- An anonymous EMP Game player, 30th April 2017, signing off.

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