Buildings can be erected on dedicated spots on planets and in their orbits. There are three types of buildings that are built on three basic types of spots: mining, ground based and orbital places. Every planet has 4 free spots in its orbit. The amount of the respective mining and ground based building places depends on the planet type.


Metal Mine

Polymer Synthesizer

Radium Plant

Ground based facilities

Planetary Colony




Military Academy

Hyperspace Scanner

Intergalactic Relations Center

Engineering Bureau

Residential Community

Construction Plant

Planet Control Center

Metal Plant

Chemical Plant

Radium Refinement Complex

Planetary Shield Generator

Trading Corporation

Planetary Colony II

Research and Development Center ("Lab II")

Spacecraft Staff Training Center ("Academy II")

Residential Community II

Orbital facilities


Commercial Dock

Processing Plant

Undercover Base

Energy Transmitter

Resource Dock

Acceleration Gate

Large Shipyards

Space Disruptor

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