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| System (best??)
| System (best??)
| No
| No
| ??
| --
| ??
| [[Fine Hyperstructure]]

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Buildings can be erected on dedicated spots on planets and in their orbits. There are three types of buildings that are built on three basic types of spots: mining, ground based and orbital places. Every planet has 4 free spots in its orbit. The amount of the respective mining and ground based building places depends on the planet type.


The following table lists available buildings. The name of each building links to all of its details, but the most important properties are listed right here. Each building has a purpose, the kind of resources or services it produces. These are either provided only to the planet on which the building is located, to all planets in the system or to the entire empire of the player.

Depending on the type of building it may or may not be possible to construct more than one on the same planet. In the case of mines, it is always possible to construct another one (if a spot is available). For ground based facilities which allow duplicates, you have to construct the first one, upgrade it to maximum level and only then more can be built.

Some of the buildings which are unique per planet produce for the entire system. In those cases "System (total)" means that having multiple of those buildings in a system adds their productions together. "System (best)" on the other hand means that only the best of those buildings functions; any identical or lower level buildings on other planets in that system are effectively useless.


Mines Provides for the Multiple per planet? Required buildings Required technologies
Metal Mine Metal Planet Yes -- --
Polymer Synthesizer Polymer Planet Yes -- --
Radium Plant Radium Planet Yes -- --
Ground based facilities Provides for the Multiple per planet? Required buildings Required technologies
Planetary Colony Population Planet No -- --
Storehouse Resource storage Planet Yes -- --
Cache Resource hiding Planet Yes -- --
Lab Science points Empire Yes -- Level 1: none
Level 9: Transition to level 2
Level 13: Transition to level 3
Level 16: Transition to level 4
Level 18: Transition to level 5
Military Academy Pilots Empire Yes Planetary Colony 3 --
Hyperspace Scanner Scanning radius System (best) No Planetary Colony 3 --
Intergalactic Relations Center Alliance size Empire No; one per empire Planetary Colony 6 --
Engineering Bureau Building durability Planet No Planetary Colony 10
Lab 10
Residential Community Population Planet Yes Planetary Colony 12 --
Metal Storehouse Metal storage Planet Yes Metal Mine 8 --
Polymer Depot Polymer storage Planet Yes Polymer Synthesizer 8 --
Radium Depository Radium storage Planet Yes Radium Plant 8 --
Construction Plant Construction speed Planet No Lab 5 Construction Plant
Planet Control Center Queue size Planet No Planetary Colony 3 Planet Control Center
Metal Plant Metal production increase Planet No Metal Mine 10 Level 1: Superstrong Fields
Level 6: Superstrong Fields 2
Chemical Plant Chemical production increase Planet No Polymer Synthesizer 10 Level 1: Superstrong Fields
Level 6: Superstrong Fields 2
Radium Refinement Complex Radium production increase Planet No Radium Plant 10 Level 1: Superstrong Fields
Level 6: Superstrong Fields 2
Planetary Shield Generator Absorbs Bomber damage Planet No -- Planetary Shield Generator
Trading Corporation Cargo capacity System (best) No Commercial Dock 20 Trading Corporation
Planetary Colony II Population Planet No Planetary Colony 20 Planetary Colony II
Research and Development Center ("Lab II") Science points Empire Yes -- Research and Development Center
Spacecraft Staff Training Center ("Academy II") Pilots Empire Yes  ?? Spacecraft Staff Training Center
Residential Community II Population Planet Yes  ?? Residential Community II
Orbital facilities Provides for the Multiple per planet? Required buildings Required technologies
Shipyards Build and repair ships System (total) No -- Space Engineering
Commercial Dock Transport ships System (total) No -- Space Engineering
Processing Plant Debris recycling System (total) No -- High Pressure Plasma
Undercover Base Fleet hiding System (best) No -- Microwave Curtain
Energy Transmitter Attack bonus System (best) No -- Superscale Energy Flux Transmission
Resource Dock Resource storage System (total) No -- Orbital Resource Dock
Acceleration Gate Faster hyperjumping System (best) No -- Acceleration Gate
Large Shipyards Build and repair large ships System (total) No Military Academy 10
Lab 10
Engineering Bureau 10
Only orbital facility on planet
Giant Space Structures
Space Disruptor Slower hyperjumping System (best??) No -- Fine Hyperstructure
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